fwiw--we've had the same speedotron 2403 pack fry out the capacitors twice. Both times were fixed under warranty repair since the pack was only a couple of years old. We have a 2401 pack close to 15 years old and keeps on chugging away day in & out, but not this one...first time I was doing a couple of multiple pops in the studio--and a 102 head exploded and pretty much was fried out beyond repair--in turn the pack refused to recharge and got warm to the touch and sorta sat there buzzing and smelling like burnt toast. So off it went and same thing happened a year or so later, minus the exploding head, but this time the pack was just sitting there turned on and made a loud pop, got warm and that smell came back....again, off it went, now a couple of years later it still acts up now & then--refusing to discharge occasionally or the most bizarre is that it will leak a charge and cause the tubes to glow for 20-30 seconds....so, either it's possessed (possible, supposedly there's ghost in our building and the capitol next door is haunted so who knows?) or it's ready to go back to Chicago once again....btw--I've seen what happens with an arcing plug on a speedotron and this isn't what I'm talking about. The great thing about the company was the second repair was done for free even though we were out of warranty....there might have been some problems with that model, I really don't know, but it's never seemed to be as reliable as the older pack.