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Well, I called my film guy and he has 150 rolls in stock. $550 will clean him out. Now I have to think about if I want that much film. That's 2-3 years supply for me.
Ratty, if you have the money, and its the film you've been looking for, go for it. I will do the same if (heaven forbid) Velvia RVP 50 is discontinued in 120. There are some films which look soo great from a personal perspective that stocking them up in case of discontinuation is a valid option.

I have about 40 rolls of E100G in the freezer and the only reason why I did not increase the stock further is that Provia, while not a direct substitute, is a valid option which needs to be bought and used on a regular base to prevent it from being dicontinued as well. But Velvia has no substitute.