I haven't been shooting b/w with any great regularity, and with an impending move/career transition ahead in the upcoming months, I'm moving out of my apartment PRONTO!
This WAS in the "keep" pile, but I thought about it, and it's a real shame to keep such great paper from being used for a while. Soooooo, here 'tis...
Retail pricing as of now is $475/box + shipping costs. Not cheap. But you know how good this stuff is!

1 box of each emulsion, G2 & G3
Both are 2011 emulsion dated. Both unopened/tampered with. Cool-room stored since purchase.

MY PRICE: $450/box, shipped in the USA
int'l will be expensive, but I'm willing to ship if you are willing to cough up the coin...

*USPS Money Order preferred for US transactions, int'l via Paypal(you cover fees)
Paypal if you cover the fees(3%)
Many a successful sale done here on the forum, as I'm sure many can attest to.

please send a PM if interested