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Just curious to see how much the last 25 years has changed the field of photography...

Just for fun!

Okay, back in 1988, what were you using for:
(1) Top most-used camera?
(2) Top most-used color film?
(3) Top most-used paper?
(4) B&W enlarger w/ color pack, dichro color enlarger, or somethine else? - Bonus points if you can you remember the model!

If 1988's too specific, we can just say "the 1980s". :-)
1 - Linhof STIV
2 - Kodak PKR-64 in a 56x72 Super Rollex back. Agfachrome E6 in 35.
3 - Cibachrome
4 - Omega D2 with a set of filters.

I still have and use the Linhof, there's one roll of PKR left in the freezer, all the Ciba stuff is long since used up, and the D2 is still my one and only enlarger.