Well,,, this thread is not good news. I keep thinking about getting rid of my Pentax kit, it's not so much the weight, I guess it's like a glock, if you're into shooting. Ugly, doesn't fit right, but the darn thing just works and does a great job. At the end of the day, it's done a stellar job,,, but still doesn't fit my hand, and is Still ugly;-) (both of them). And over the last two or so years,,, it's the camera I seem to have with me.

Anyway, sort of a back handed way of saying the camera sort of grew on me,,, and the wife keeps asking why, if it's always with me, do I want to get rid of it. And then,,, I've NEVER sold a camera... Sorta like athletes foot... Just won't go away...

And I love the 80-160 zoom. That and the 35mm seem to be the pair that get the most use.

Oh Well,,, Good luck on your sale,,, I'll bet at some level you'll end up sorry you sold it.