OK, so we've known what were our first 35mm cameras, but what about your first MF camera? How did you came there? Was it a speed bump from 35mm? Or was it simply that in those days photography meant rollfilm? Was it because you became a professional, or because you were dying to try it?

I started with a bakelite folder this spring, a Soho cadet with one shutter speed and four apertures, that I got while searching for a TLR. It eventually convinced me to buy a Yashica-D. For me, the object of the quest was the TLR, but it showed me on the way how great it is to have a bigger negative . Now I'm shooting with it much more than my SLR, so much that I am now seeing 35mm in a different light, and might come back to it with a different approach.

But there's nothing like licking your roll once it's exposed!