Developing the LomoChrome Purple has ben quite good so far, I used it at ASA 200.

The local pro lab here in Ventura, Ca did a great job.

I just gave the gal who is filling out the process order a brief description of what the film is supposed to do, she looked at the cartridge and was curious if it needed E-6 processing because of the "Chrome" labeling.

The gal really did not ask any questions, she obviously was confident in the film turning out well.

The folks at LomoGraphy had stated that the film is designed for ease of printing in a minilab, the color balance perhaps is real close to what would be used for normal Kodak and Fuji color print films, the film has a light green mask to it instead of the usual orange type mask.

That light green color mask could be doing wonders for ease of color balancing during printing.

I should not be so hard nosed about some of the LomoChrome Purple shots seen on the web that don't look all the good because a lot of them were taken with cameras with little to no exposure control.

In my experience consistant accurate exposure control rating the film in the middle at ASA 200 has done really well with some predictability of how the shots will look.

I am going to order some custom 8x10 prints on Kodak Endura Metallic paper.

The film has a lot of potential if you treat it right, The film is definately an aquired taste so to speak, some folks are just not really too enthused about it.

After shooting two 36 exp rolls I am most pleased with this film