I think from reading all this that the simplest solution in my case will be to get some good ND filters. I don't know where to mount them on the v35 so I may just tape them up under the lens or something. I don't think I can use a lower watt bulb as the V35 has a strange housing in the first place.

To answer questions about filtration: I have the color head on my unit and was using that. I have been reading Way Beyond Monochrome and I'm trying to learn F-stop printing and other techniques in the book. Thus I used the method of exposing for the highlights and then using contrast to dial in the shadows. Therefore I did not adjust times for the filters. I just did a search about this and it seems like there's a lot of disagreement about whether to do that or not. I think I printed at what would be a grade 3 for a durst enlarger, which if I recall was about 45 magenta.

One other thing to note, I had a hell of time trying to make a test strip using the f-stop method. Of course once I discovered that my time was less than 8 seconds I realized that was some of the problem. Also noteworthy on my first foray back into the darkroom- my gralab 450 I bought on ebay sucks! the button would stick and sometimes it would expose for a bit then turn off. I'll try to get something else, I'd like an fstop timer but I can't afford one, and they don't make them new. I'm working on building the arduino based one( http://www.apug.org/forums/forum43/9...-released.html ) but it's way over my head for now.

Also, I love my Focomat. Never printed on anything I've enjoyed more. I shoot 35 on a leica m6 and love to have the leica optics all the way through. I also have a besseler 23ciii with a vc head that I'll set up for 6X6.

I've been working on building this darkroom for about 8 months in my very limited spare time. I had to completely drywall a room and all that, so it feels great to be printing again.

Sorry for the rant, probably some stuff that should have separate posts.