it wasn't a bad article ... i guess.
the world is all about data now
i keep seeing those virginia slims ads " we've come a long way baby"
sure we have, and it cost alot...

the author got a few thing wrong. Jacques-Mandé Daguerre didn't invent photography in france
he commercialized it, just like eastman didn't invent roll film, he stole someone else's idea
and commercialized it. the first kodak's didn't cost 1$ they cost 3 month's wages
when he ( eastman ) was sued he nearly lost everything.

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This has happened to me so often that I no longer read comments: many an enjoyable and engaging article has been ruined by the comments. I wonder if there's a way for firefox to block them...

its not the browser .. its the reader ...
he/she doesn't have to read the comments.