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thanks curt and bill, love those verses !

i guess since we are all taking a trip down memory lane ..
i used to buy bulk rolls of this film when i was a livinghighonthehog college student. i had paper routes
and a driveway reconstruction business in those days and after working hard all summer, money was no object.
i was told by my teachers and friends that pan-x was "THE BEST" so i would go to SBI i harvard square, cambridge
and buy 100 feet at a time. i would be kind of annoyed at its slowness
and i would shoot it at night in dark eateries with a flash, would process it in sprint developer
and liked the film. when the tmax family of films came along i used them, but never really liked how the grain
looked, the pan x grain had a look to it, a sheen i don't know, just a look, you know, like remembering what
captain crunch looked like before pepe lefoot kidnapped him and the replace him with the other captain crunch
or when they switched out darrin stevens, or jerry seinfeld;s dad and no one "noticed"
.. even though they are a direct replacement for pretty much everything kodak made in b/w and doesn't make now
tmax films were ( are ) nice but not quite the same .

i have figured out a way to get grain out of the tmax family of films and it involves abusing the hell out of the film.

the film was on the shelf for longer than i remember
covered in dust since the time i bought it 2001 september
instead of 400 or 100 it looks like maybe it i shot it at 10 or 25 i can't remember
the soup was black and fizzy and smelled like hell
it was warm to the touch, on these thing i like to dwell,
in they go, the sheets in the stack separated the stucktogether emulsion did swell
around and around from the bottom to the top, my fingers in this strange brew
the timer tick-toks with a hum i can barely see but somehow i know what to do
after 20 in the wash then the fix these negatives are barely seethrough
memories of pan x, visions of the past i better keep shooting this oldetmaxstuff, production isn't going to last.

it was much easier when subatomicx was around, strawberries and cream without the artificial ingredients.

My pleasure!

The one phrase I believe described it is "The Look", for me it had the look I was seeking. I agree with what you said. I bought 120 by the brick and used it up quickly. All my prints for my first degree at the University were made using Panatomic-X. I tried Orwo, Efke, Afox, Agfa, all of the Kodak films and Agfa films but settled on that one.

I taught myself the Zone System through the Ansel Adams series and Fred Picker. My camera didn't have a built in light meter so I was forced to learn and use a "system". It was all T&T, no DBI. With one film and developer along with a consistent technique you start to understand how Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and others could shoot without a meter if they were forced to or wanted to. You do something long enough that it becomes second nature. With developing film muscle memory becomes a major asset.