So doing some late night research on cinematic film (specifically Kodak Vision) I came across what has got to possibly be the single most bizarre/absurd thing I have ever read - it was part of a reply to an old post on APUG I found while doing some quick Google searches. Now I am seriously wondering what inspired the poster to say the following:

...and Kodak gives cassettes of the stuff away if you ask for it, so it could be easy to try a roll or two.
Surely Kodak wouldn't give away film and even if they did how could the OP of this comment have found this out, in all seriousness who would go and say to Kodak (or any other film manufacturer for that matter) 'Hey can I have some of your film for free to experiment with' and expect any reply other than something that can be paraphrased as 'Who are you and what have you been smoking?'

Sorry if this post makes no sense at all, it may just be the lack of sleep talking here...