I was working with Pentax 6x7's at the time (1983), but didn't own the cameras, they belonged to the company. I wanted to try MF more on the hobby side and was actually looking for a used P6x7 equipment. Then one day my boss told me of a really sweet deal on a Hasselblad set for sale. I went with him to the shop that were selling, and came home with a 500el/m, a C60/3.5 T*, a C150/4 T*, 2 a12 backs, and some bits and bobs. Everything in as-new condition and in original boxes, and at a ridiculously low price. I loved this equipment, it travelled with me all over Europe, from Athens to Reykjavik.

I had the set for ten years but eventually sold it. This might have been the most regretted thing I have ever done, so a while ago I bought a new set, not as cheap, not as new, but new and cheap enough. And I am once more a happy Hassy owner.

-- MW