I've done it again and succumbed to the temptation to buy a Mamiya RB67 Pro S...yet again. This will be my third time around with this camera. I've also bought and sold a couple of the Fuji MF cameras in the past, but the RB67 is the one I keep coming back to. Am I crazy or have many of you done something similar and why? In my case I started wanting to get the feel of a fully mechanical camera, and to give myself a break from taking hundreds of images a day with my DSLRs. After a year I sold the RB67 because I wasn't using it that much. A couple years later I missed having the heavy old camera and bought my second one. A year later I did the same thing again and sold it. And now, here I am with my third RB67 and three lenses 65, 90, and 180 due to arrive on Tuesday.

Hopefully I will keep this one for the long term.