The sharpest, most detailed, most nearly 3D image I've made since I started in 1951, is one made with my Mamiya RB67 with 65 mm lens using Agfa Ultra 50 film. Stunning color, stunning detail, yet stunning tone - like a Rembrandt... While the subject matter and composition are nothing to shout about, the image itself just wants to jump out, grab you and pull you back in! The one image against which I judge all my others. That lens must have been touched by god himself (or Ansel). (I have 27 other cameras and maybe 35 lenses I'm judging this one against.)

Contrarily, the BEST image I've ever made (judging all parameters) was made with a Kodak Instamatic 60 110 at night. All the forces were in alignment that night!

However, I've made some other what I'll call exceptional images with my Agfa Super Isolette (Ansco Super Speedex) 6x6 folder, with 75 mm lens, with again, Agfa Ultra 50 film. Maybe it's the film quality that gives these images such a fantastic, almost unreal presence... Or maybe it's the 50's film and 50's lens combination?

If you watch some Hollywood films made in the 50's where Ansco/Agfa film was used, especially outdoor cowboy movies, you'll see that same lush, sexy Rembrandt quality; VERY different from 'normal' movie film of the time.

While the RB is a handful, it can make some gorgeous images.