Tonight only, I'm offering you two Non-AI Nikon lens multipliers for the cost of postage only. That's right, pay the cost of postage and these are yours. If you are living in the USA, I'll need a check/money order/cash but if you are international, PayPal is ok if you'll cover the fee.
Please note: one of these (the tripler) is missing the little rod which connects the aperture follower thingamajig, but that won't be hard to re-create with a long screw and a small nut or anything else you think might work for you.

Answers to some FAQs:

1. Are these adapters gluten-free?

Yes, they are. 100% gluten-free. Also free of pet dander and bedbugs. Guaranteed. These are so wholesome if they had a spokesperson, it would probably be Pat Boone.

2. Can I use them on my medium format camera?

Of course you can. You will need a special installation tool, however. That will cost extra, and it is very heavy and dangerous.

3. Are these radioactive?

Yes, to some degree everything on the earth is.

4. But not my bottled isn't radioactive, is it?

Oh, I think they add extra radiation to that stuff.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Otherwise, first come, first served.