...and in case anyone were interested in the actual subject of my testing, Delta 100 4x5 developed in DDX 1+4 20C in a tank (CombiPlan) with fairly vigorous agitation (30 sec initially, followed by 3 inversions lasting about 5 seconds in total every 30 sec), I attach "extended" results. I obtained those by exposing two strips with the Eseco SL-2, both using green light. The second strip got three times the exposures of the first, but it does not actually amount to triple exposure, it seems, and I am in reciprocity territory, which this film seems to be good at. Undoubtedly, this is a questionable way of doing this, as I am numerically combining two separate tests into a single "extended" one, as if it came from one, longer step tablet—unlike in my previous post, where tests were "normal". Nonetheless, data seems OKish to my untrained eyes, and I welcome your feedback about this 9-stop range behaviour.
Delta 100 4x5 DDX 1+4 Extended 9 Stops.png
PS. To compute the first of the curves, I needed to adjust the "starting.points" to (0.95, 1, 2). Perhaps this should be the default.