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C'mon guys, Kodak is better than this - and we all know it. Can we get a more appropriate thread title?
I Love kodak products. I find when I order things from Kodak USA and ship down here its always a great experience, I cant say the same for kodak Australia.
For example I was able to set up a Kodak USA account easier than I could set up one with Kodak Australia. Kodak in the early days of my business were extremely non supportive. They wanted to know exactly how much money I was worth (none of their business) and only wanted to give me a cash account at list price.

Fuji on the other hand was totally different. They gave me every chemical I needed to tank up each one of my film and paper processors so i could get my equipment up and running free of charge and gave me a 30 day account. It was very supportive to my needs in getting up and running, Ive never had problems and I'm still very loyal to them.

On the other hand I still wanted to use Kodak products and my first order of Kodak when running my own business they send me stale paper where the paper base was not white but cream / yellow. upon telling the sales rep at Kodak this and showing him the problem he asked me..."Will your clients notice if you don't print with borders?" Another thing that has annoyed me with Kodak Australia is times when i have asked for materials for jobs and they have told me they don't have it in stock and while have to wait 6 weeks to arrive, but when i get another individual to order the same thing on another company account (which does spend more) they have it in 3 days. All clients should be treated equal in my opinion.

Im probably not doing myself or my business any favors by sharing this but Kodak in Australia has never impressed me. I love Kodak products but where ever possible I buy from the USA.