Tomorrow I am going back to school to study A-Levels, one of mine is Photography It's the first year the course will be run and the school seems to have really made an effort, they've converted the old DT rooms into a Photography classroom (I haven't had a proper look yet but I think there might be a kind of studio too). Anyway one of the new additions for Photography that has really got me looking forward to the course is the lovely new Darkroom On Friday I managed to go in and get a short tour by one of the Art teachers. Unfortunately I'm sure they haven't yet got all the equipment to go in the darkroom, I expected to see lots of various bits of equipment and a string or some kind of rack to dry the prints, however there was just one small sink and one large sink which I assumed was for the trays.

As I am a complete beginner I have no idea what should be in a darkroom, I'm sure I will get taught this but I would like to hear from some of you first to get some information and knowledge about what I should expect to find in there when it's all set up, and also a short explanation of what purpose all the different bits of equipment have if that's possible.

One last question, when I went into the darkroom and turned the light off, I noticed that a fire exit sign had been fitted on the inside and it had a quite bright green LED light, a safelight is meant to be red right? So surely the green sign will ruin any film?

Thanks in advance for your help!