Still in the box and still cello wrapped, I have one "brick" of Kodak Gold 200 (8 rolls) plus one "brick" of Kodak Max 400. Both are 35mm and both are 24 exposure rolls. Both have exp dates of 6/2004, and both have been in the freezer since purchased. They'll be sold together at $1.50 per roll or $24 total plus actual cost of postage. I might also point out this film is gluten-free, vegan approved, polyunsaturated, sugarless, fast-acting, quick dissolving, hypoallergenic, radon negative and ok for use during all religious and non-religious holidays! And I'm pretty confident this film will not cause nor worsen neuritis, neuralgia, sinus drainage, arthritis, eczema, fungus, mold, water on the knee or anxiety. Just like Anacin, this film may even make some of those hammers in your head stop! So don't wait. Send in your money today.

I'll need your address to figure the cost of postage.

PayPal ok for international buyers, but check/cash/money order for folks in the USA please.