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I don't know about old/expired film, but I can mention something odd I saw last week.
Michaels Cameras in Melbourne was unloading two large cardboard boxes of E100VS film into their shop floor fridge last Wednesday. I was examining a Holga and a Diana on the shelf next to the fridge and observed the guy cutting open the box. During lunch, I felt that it was odd to be seeing a film that I thought was discontinued (correct me if I'm wrong on this). These were two large boxes, all pro-packs being loaded in. It's either old/expired or new/uncirculated. I'll have a closer look when I return this week.

As far as I can determine, the last batch of Kodak produced slide film hasn't yet been all sold.

I have Ektachrome 100G in 120 in my freezer that I purchased after the discontinuation was announced that has a 2014 "best before" date - I would expect that the film you saw has a date that is similar.