The distribution chain problems are critical, and the customer does need to worry about it. That is what should be in any letter to Kodak AU.

Eastman Kodak probably aren't even allowed to do business directly in Australia - they would have to refer the matter to Kodak AU.

The prices and level of service are being determined by the distributors - not by Kodak AU. Eastman Kodak has even less to say in the matter, and in any event are in bankruptcy.

From other posts here on APUG, it is clear that users of Kodak and other materials in Australia are paying exorbitant prices - they often can buy at a significant discount if they are willing to pay retail prices elsewhere and incur the shipping and import costs.

Even users of Ilford materials are having difficulties with distribution. Ilford customers in the UK can apparently buy for less cost Ilford materials that are manufactured in the UK, shipped to North America, sold at retail in the US and then shipped back and imported to the UK by the end user than if they buy them from a UK source.