[QUOTE=Steve Goldstein;1531245]1. The 65mm version is fixed-focus only, designed for 8/65 Super-Angulon in 00 shutter. The 6.8/65 doesn't come close to being able to cover 4x5, it's really a 2x3 lens, but you could use it if you like massive vignetting.

The 65mm f8 is really a lens for 6x9cm with movements but it does have an image circle that is a couple of mm larger than 5x4 at f16 so it will work just fine. OK it may not give technical excellence but it is not being put on the front of Sinar. There will be some vignetting unless a centre grad is used just like all LF wide lenses.
The 90mm f6.8 actually has a slightly smaller image circle! I have used one of these on my hand held 5x4 for years and it works really well.

Huge credit to the Wanderlust guys for this project, the interest they have generated is amazing, I reckon film sales will be up next year and a lot of people will be having great fun.