Man oh man...I step away to spend a delightful afternoon in the attic to see why the A/C stopped working after church (hint: motor run capacitor is dead) and look what breaks loose around here! In order:

Yes, gelatin is made from critters. But we should clarify it is made from dead critters and really only the left over parts that most people don't like to think about eating. Vegan type people in particular might go all apoplectic if they knew what was in their little gummy vitamins (and lots of other things I won't mention in case vegans are reading this).

Quick dissolving...ok, unvarnished salesmanship there. You got me on that one.

Vegas...well, I for one expected better from this car. And so did Motor Trend, obviously. After picking the Plymouth Road Runner as car of the year in 1969, the Gran Torino in 1970, the Vega in 1971 and the Citroen SM in 1972, they successfully became the butt of car jokes for nearly a decade to follow. I always thought the designation SM stood for SadoMasochist or Sad Old Mexican.

Thanks for the purchase! Always nice to deal with you!

Rio is ok and thanks for asking. He may also need a run capacitor soon, though.

Real problem when your fan stops running and your compressor keeps running. Makes a large ice cube out of the whole she-bang.

Ok, now to watch the second episode of "Silk" on PBS.