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OK, for folks like me who now only just discovered this camera, what can we do? Is there any way to buy one now?
Just an FYI: originally there were two cameras, a 90mm with helical focus, and a 65mm fixed. A lot of people (like me) ordered one of each.
After a few stretch goals and an update or two, they've decided to make both cameras the same and supply both mounts, so people like me are going to get 2 bodies, 2 65mm mounts, and 2 90mm mounts. Once they start shipping, I'd be looking around on ebay, there'll probably be more than a few that won't want both bodies and will re-sell the other one (I might, I haven't decided yet).

Meanwhile, I'm getting antsy waiting for mine. I've stocked up early, got a 90/8 SA and 65/8 SA (in nice lightweight copal 00), got a few film holders and a bucket of film (hp5, delta100, and a 50-pack of expired Original Velvia), a pack of 20 Quickload Astia and holder, a 405 back and a few packs of FP3000, plus a Graflex 23 back. I've also got a 105/3.5 Xenar to play with, GG focussing and FP3000 will make for an interesting street project I've got in mind.
Now it's all sitting around waiting for the camera, I was thinking yesterday I'll go buy a cheap Cambo from KEH to keep me busy for the next few months...