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So, Jon. I can't afford New Film. Maybe you have some old Used Film laying around that you would sell for a very reasonable price?
Yes of course, amigo. I have some used film I could part with reasonably. I also have one roll that went through a washing machine and another that spent most of a summer in the trunk of my car. Because of the obvious artistic enhancement those will provide, they are more costly. Let's see...what else do I have to offer you. Ah, medium format film. A lot of people here at APUG seem to be enamored with medium format. I could cut the edges off of some 35mm film and duct tape it together and...viola...medium format film! And it would be wonderful to use in your Holga! Of course I would have to charge you more for this. Much more, in fact. Possibly I still have some black/white that I could splice with color film to make things really interesting (and artistic, naturally).

Sadly I donated almost all of my VCR tapes to charity, or I could have sold you those. I do still have a rather large box of 3.5" diskettes. I must save a few to use in my Sony Mavica, but I could make you a very nice deal on the others. Please tell me if you are interested.