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It might have been at one time--if it had any paint left. Or maybe that was its original paint--rust was a very popular color back in the 70's. I couldn't tell if the interior was tan or just sunburned white vinyl...

As any student of the 70s knows, "earth-tones" ruled the color schemes. Rust was a popular earth tone. Also tan, avocado green and a color called harvest gold...which looked nearly exactly like prepared yellow mustard which has been allowed to air-dry. The other day I was watching a tv show from the mid-60s and the kitchen was done with light blue (bordering on turquoise) appliances, a countertop in what was as I recall named "burnt orange" and the wood stain was a light oak. The combined effect was stunning. Chrysler cars (the Cordoba in particular) and the AMC Pacer were pretty much guaranteed to turn burnt orange within a year or so...no matter what color they were when they left the factory. When we were married, we were given an afghan knitted in earth tones. Greens, golds, oranges, browns. Even when those colors were accepted, I thought it was hideous. It does keep you warm, though. At least as warm as anyone needs to be in a city whose 4 seasons are defined as: summer, still summer, Christmas Day and almost summer.