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The answer is staring you in the face: you already took a digital image of the scene. Check the exposure information for that image. To simplify your calculations, set the ISO on the digital camera to the same value as the film.

A digital rendition will actually have less latitude than the B&W negative you are planning to use. If you can see the shadow detail you want and the highlights are not blown out, your exposure can be the same as the digital exposure.
A digital shot, can provide a good reference, just depends on what "metering tool" someone wants to carry/use and also having tested/calibrated the reading all the way to the print. iPhone metering apps can do the same thing and show the readings in real time and allow one to pick the "spot" to meter.

As to digital having less latitude, at one point in history that was generally true, not so much any more. (For details on why and how, those interested will need to research elsewhere.)