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I have so much respect for the pre-digital, pre auto-focus sports photographers. They didn't know until the film got developed if the shot had come out okay, they had to pre-focus, and then they had to change film in the middle of it all and risk missing some critical shot. I guess the wire services photogs had someone to change the film on their other bodies. Did that mean having duplicate sets of lenses as well?
When I shot motorsports I carried 2 T90s with different lenses but the same film plus my early F1 body as an emergency backup (which I never needed). You grab a film reload when you can and try to ignore the missed shots. One thing I liked about the T90 is its a relatively fast camera to load. Each body had a zoom on, one short and the other longer but with some overlap. Usually a 35-105 and a 80-200. Between the two pretty much anything could be covered. I sometimes wonder how a shooter with no film experience would handle not being able to look at their shots as they go but I don't remember it ever being a concern. It's just how it was. A three day weekend though could run over 30 rolls of E6. Lot of money for us freelancers to put out but also a lot if fun.