With respect, I think you have slightly missed the boat. Ilford offered bulk lengths of HP5+ on a roll film base cut to 127 size width in their 2013 annual Ultra Large Format special order offer. That has now closed and it did of course mean purchasers would have to provide their own spools & backing paper. Spools are still available from Maco in Germany and often on ebay. This offer was better than nothing but it is unrealistic to expect Ilford to now offer finished 127 film with spools & backing paper. Most people really keen on HP5+ in 127 would have ordered so that wouldn't leave much of a potential market for anymore. However it may be that the offer will be repeated in 2014 - fingers crossed!

PS Film Ferrania did mention they still had the equipment to produce 127 film (& other "obsolete" formats). Let us hope they get going again and perhaps they will produce 127 film but probably it would be a colour film.