I, for one appreciate your raising your concerns here, but while this may risk belabouring the point, I'd like to highlight the differences between two of your posts.

First, your initial post:

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This month something interesting has been happening in Australia with certain Kodak Products....Kodak has been supplying local businesses with out of date stock.
Secondly, your most recent post:

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I simply posted this thread as an update on inner workings in the local Australian industry, both myself and other sydney businesses were affected by the shipment of stocks from the distributor to to us being out of date before arrival. It was simply sharing of an event.
The emphasis was added by me.

So much of the dysfunction we observe in the photographic industry flows from problems with the distribution system. That is, of course a problem for the manufacturers, but it also is a problem for the retailers, labs, commercial end users and non-commercial end users.

The distributors seem to get off Scot free when complaints are shared. That should not be the case.