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I don't think burning in the sky would work as the negative (upon inspection on light table) is absolute pitch black with no trace of details whatsoever... and farmer reducer which I never used but common sense tells me that it would not bring detail back where it doesnt exist in the first place... but since I never used it, is it possible that I might start seeing detail where I could not see it now ? just wondering.
Now, I dont know what lith-paper is and what it does, so I will research this to find out what is it about.
Believe me there will be detail there, but if the negative is so very dense the burning in will take a long time. Years ago (1964) I was using a 4x5 Micropress as part of my work and the film was Tri X. I had set the film speed at 100 but used one of the old PF60 flash bulbs when shooting at close distance. The resulting negative was so dense the exposure for 10x12 print even with a 4 x 5 negative was in minutes rather than seconds. There will be detail, you just have to work at it to get it out.