Hello everyone! I've been visiting the forums for quite a while now, but just recently made a profile. While visiting family this weekend, my uncle brought out a couple film cameras and gave them to me. One, a Yashica Electro 35 GSN seems to be working great, but the other, a Konica Autoreflex T3 is jammed. The shutter is depressed and, the mirror is stuck in the up position, and the winder is stuck. I don't have any experience in camera repair (though I would like to learn) but I popped the bottom plate off to take a look at things. It seems pretty gummed up and there seems to be a fair bit of corrosion, so I don't know if it is salvageable or not. It's really not that big of a deal if it isn't since I mostly shoot medium format. I've included a couple pictures to show what I'm talking about. Anyways, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I'd love to get this camera up a running again if possible. Thanks!