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If you read his post, he says Kodak was going to rectify the situation. I do agree, having Simon here, to represent Ilford, probably means this wouldn't occur with their products. If only Kodak saw fit to do the same...
As for Stephen not having "a care in the world regards to anyone but themselves [himself]", I don't see where you come up with that statement. We have a lot of Aussie members to whom this information may be relevant. I doubt anything he's posted can do any more damage to Kodak than they've already self-inflicted.
Correct for example two of the products involved are the consumer Kodak 400 MAX and Kodak Gold 200 films. these films are stocked in local super markets, many ma and pa camera stores. People will notice these films scarce on the shelves. The reason is what I initially posed. And as I said the kodak distributor is taking appropriate action to get in date stock and re supply retailers with this stock. The distributor is also going to allow retailers to keep the out of date stocks at no charge. so expect some very cheap rolls to be out and about on the local market.