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Here we go again. Prices range in the U.K. from $87 to $110 Most are in the $90 -$95 range. The best I can find is in fact Harman Express itself which charges only $3 less than the OP will be paying for stuff that has to be transported 1000s of miles and into a market where I'd imagine Harman film volumes to be low even in comparison to the U.K. market so volume sales in Japan can't explain it

So, OP, I think you can take a lot of comfort out of this despite the price rise. What we in the U.K. have to take out of this I will leave to each U.K APUGer who buys HP5+ bulk rolls.

I really ought to stop reading any post which deals with prices in various markets. It only depresses me

I don't mean to gloat, I hope it didn't seem that way, I don't know what controls the range of pricing, obviously the world isn't flat no matter what's said.