Well, i was mostly meaning if i will be away from the big cities, say if i will try to stay in lodges or backpackers around in NPs then the food is less variety than from the big cities.

My main trip is photography, and what i will photograph are: Landscapes, seascapes or waterscapes near the likes, rivers,...etc, cityscape, but nothing can beat sunsets around by the coast and the mountains surround, so those are my main consideration of my trip.

And other recommended me to hire a car, i know it is the best option, but i don't drive overseas, so maybe i am not gonna rent a car to drive by myself even i am good at driving.

So, basically i may be away from the city sometimes running after landscapes and nature calls so then i have to know what accommodations i can find and what kind of food i may find there, i know that big cities mostly have those international food of all cuisines so it may not be a problem in big cities.