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I recommend you buy a small back-packers butane stove when you get to USA. You can get sealed pouches of food and heat them up anywhere. These are good and not expensive. I have used some by this company:
and I believe they and other brands are available at larger supermarkets, Whole Foods market, World Market, etc.

That is an option, sure i can eat some simple and veggies food time to time, but i will not only eat very simple and packed and veggie food only, sure i will find options here and there, you people there must like to have food all kind for sure.

In another site, someone posted to same this thread that i need a car to get to NPs, it will make my job easier and also i can get to places that i can't get with public transport, this will make it more challenging for me as i am not good in driving overseas and i don't know about roads rules there and speeds and such, and i am also worry if i had an accident, that is why i try to avoid hiring a car, but if there is no another option then i have no choice.

Also i am not sure yet if i will carry any film gear with me, i will not talk about digital here, but with film i have many MF cameras to choose from, and only 1 LF i can think about, but then i must buy films from there and process them there, this will add more costs for me than using only digital, unless if i use my MF rangefinder then it is another story, shooting with LF is a budget itself.