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Yeah, Kodak recently jacked up the price of bulk rolls by like 50% too; I suspect some sort of collusion with Ilford over this as both hikes happened within weeks of each other and now bulk rolls of both companies' products are comparably priced. Funny how Kodak's film division is now run by a British trustee on behalf of Kodak's British employee retirement fund. I smell a rat.

On top of this, this hike came down with absolutely no advance warning, which even the notoriously secretive Fujifilm is capable of giving. We had one day on this. Good way to lose whatever loyal customers you do have in one of the few strong film cultures left on earth.
I think any alleged conspiracy between Harman and Kodak is fanciful - dare I say a theory. There are many strongholds of film users throughout the world and most of them except perhaps the USA feel ripped by Ilford pricing. There may well be British members here on APUG who can look out their window and see the factory yet have to pay more than the products are sold for over the counter in US camera shops. How do you reckon they feel? OzJohn