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Hmm, I'm wondering if you would like to Island hop in the San Juan Islands. Lots of seascapes from the ferries, places to stay close to the ferries, or shuttles can pick you up from your chosen accomodation, and interesting scenery any way you walk. Alternative life style kinda place, which means vegetarian, ethnic, local, interesting food easier to find than burgers and fries. (We stayed at a spot that only served local food; tasty, but kinda pricey too.) (I'm not sure about your food restrictions, whether they mean you avoid certain foods, or that you avoid anything from a kitchen where your verboten foods are cooked.)

If you are unsure about driving in an unfamiliar country, you DO NOT want to drive anywhere within 50 miles of Seattle. The locals might be used to it, but as small city folks, we were very stressed by the density, speed, traffic jams, and confusion of traffic around Seattle.

I'd be happy to never go back to Seattle, if it wasn't for Glazer's - the biggest photo store I'm ever likely to be in. The San Juan Islands I'd have no qualms about visiting again. Lovely, friendly, laid back, and the ferry system well run.

Maybe some locals will have some more info for you on the San Juans.
Talking about San Juan reminding me about Oban town in Scotland where i headed to Isle of Mull on ferry, also it is reminding me when i went with a friend on a ferry to Staten Island from somewhere in NYC, so ferry trip is also nice and i will give that a try, who knows what i may see or like there.

Well, i think the best thing i can do is using a public transport to take me out of the city and stay in some accommodations out of the big city and rent a car from there so i don't get stuck in traffic or rush hours of big cities maybe.