I felt a shift in the industry forces when I read this. Ilford starts processing all types of b&w and color c-41 in the U.S. by mail at REASONBLE prices no less. Check it out !!! (And support this). Who knows, if this keeps up, could Kodachrome and K-14 processing be coming back too?

Press Release from Ilford http://www.ilfordphoto.com/pressroom/article.asp?n=171

Lab FAQs http://www.ilfordlab-us.com/page/83/Film-FAQ-s.htm

Basic lab info http://www.ilfordlab-us.com/page/57/...-from-Film.htm

Lab order form and pricing sheet. http://www.ilfordlab-us.com/35mm.asp

Lab PDF Mailing Form http://www.ilfordlab-us.com/documents/6261%20Ilford%20Lab%20$%20with%20Order_Postage%20P aid%20Inbound%20V2.pdf