Stunning minimalist landscapes may be had in the southeastern corner of Washington state. This area is known as The Palouse and is a major wheat growing region. Some online examples here. Note that this is a 300-mile/483-km drive from Seattle requiring overnight accommodations. Driving time is about 4.5-hours.

When I go it is usually with an 8x10 camera and lots of free time to think and explore. Unless I spend the night on location in a sleeping bag in the back of my truck (to catch the sunrise), I usually stay at The Wheatland Inn in the small town of Colfax, which is more or less centrally located in this region.

A rental car is essential to get to Colfax, and for later exploration. I would not count on finding familiar food locally. Probably best to bring your own, if possible, to assure good (and correct) meals. Nothing worse than being hungry because the local food is unfamiliar. No good photographs will come from that.