It seems like they're just doing black and white. Not C-41. Also, I do not believe even a company like Ilford has the resources to bring back a reasonably priced equivalent to Kodachrome. I think our best bet is that Ferrania will develop some sort of miracle film in 2014 when they decide to start production. The closest I think we will get even then is most likely another slide film just developing in E-6. I'm excited to see what kind of colour results there will be. I think the saturated look of Velvia is probably the most currently desirable overall effect of film, so it will probably be more similar to that than Kodachrome. I may be wrong in everything I'm saying here, but that's my personal observation. Or opinion. Whichever.

I just went back and looked; you are correct. They state they will develop C-41 Black and White films (Kodak BW400CN, Ilford XP2, etc).