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I don't know if they have much left, but when Graflex closed, Midwest Photo Exchange in Columbus, Ohio bought their entire stock of parts. You would want to talk to Jim Andracki. I hope he still works there. I haven't seen him on my last few visits, but he would be the best person to contact there if he is still there.

MPEX sold those parts to Fred Lustig of Reno, NV years ago. As far as I know Fred is still alive and still repairing cameras. I've seen comments that he's reluctant to sell parts, prefers to do the repairs (which use the parts) himself. Fred doesn't have much of an Internet presence and doesn't publish his e-mail address but he's listed in the Reno telephone directory.

Jerry, look up his phone number and call him. Alternatively, look for a parts camera. Whatever you do, be clearer about which model Speed Graphic you have.