through the vernal equinox ( sept 21 ) i will have an APUG ONLY 10% off sale

so the magnets will be $54.00 + shipping

shipping fees are usually 13.95 ( usa ); and more out of the continental usa.


if you aren't familiar the the silver magnet -
its a small, lightweight electrolytic silver recovery device.
you use it with WELL SPENT fixer ... it has to have >52ppm of silver in it ...
( that means if you use the "clip test" when your fixer takes 2x the original fresh fix time to clear ...
if you use your fixer 1-shot, or if you use "hypo check / drops " this won't work for you )

the way it works is you use the magnet, extract the silver, refine the magnet and get a check ... it pays for itself ...

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if you have any questions feel free to PM me ..