If I were setting up this site I might have named it "Film and Darkroom User's Group" to keep the discussion confined to those things that interest people that make negatives for the purposes of darkroom printing. As it stands, the use of ANALOG in the description is even better than what I would have come up with, because it clearly indicates this is a non-digital forum.

However, despite the very clever and clearly ANALOG descriptor in the site's name, the site is littered with useless (to me) discussion of digital cameras and digital image manipulation.

Google search in the corner of the menu bar yeilds 35,600 posts containing the word 'DIGITAL.'
Anyway, it would be nice to have a link on the menubar next to the "New Posts" that reads "New Analog-Only Posts" or something like that.

I did make a Google search that does that on my own so I'll share that here.