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Only now does Kodak film stand a much better chance at becoming a great niche use item like Ilford film is. I think it is high time we stop rehashing the past issues and actually grow up a little and start helping them a bit.

I don't see this kind of thread helping matters and I am willing to bet a pallet of Tmax that Colleen Krenzer does not either.
I think you over estimate Kodak's abilities, their sales policies have been abysmal in recent years and the company itself contributed to an unnecessary decline in sales.

Here in the UK they closed their own distribution centre and contracted Sangers to handle this for them, Sangers was alreday been the importer of Kodak minilabs. Sangers then went bust continuity had been lost. Then a new company took over based around the former Kodak distribution staff, they have a good reputation. But it's hard to find Kodak films on dealers shelves the damage had been done.

It's the same in other countries, I used to use Tmax100 in all formats but after moving abroad from the UK I found it was difficult to find in many countries, Kodak concentrated on selling consumer colour films through minilab outlets. Ilford films and surprisingly Foma can be found in most countries easily so I reluctantly switched from Tmax.

Part of the problem is Kodak no longer sell a range of B&W products since they dropped papers, and outside the US Fuji are dominant in the colour market.