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I've got a 50mm and a 105mm, but was surprised to discover last night that I can't enlarge on 5x7 paper (so really that means taking my 6x6 negs to 5x5 in) without cropping. The smallest I could get was maybe 6x6 in.

What lens do I need for this?
I am confused by this.

Are you trying to do this with the 50mm lens? If so, you need to try the 105mm lens.

And with 6x6 negatives and the 105mm lens the usual problem is with the image being too small, not too big.

If it is the 105mm lens you are using, is your problem related to the amount of bellows travel available when focusing? I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that the condenser adjustment available on the 23CII can affect that.