Cool, I wish if i can travel with one friend who can drive for me and we both go for photography at the same time, but its ok, i will take my time when i rent a car and drive slowly, maybe i can stop on many locations i don't imagine and then i can do a lot in 1 week or 10 days, later if i am done in about 10 days then i can spend the rest days to visit some locations again or explore newer places than the first 10 days.

I will make sure i will have a cover for rains to keep my gear dry, i will carry an umbrella too, and the good thing with me is that in my country with very hot weather i can handle not eating food for a while and we had fasting last July to first week of August, so in USA and wet weather and cold i can be fine for hours, drinking water will keep me fine and not hungry for long time, i can eat those small simple food like biscuits or muffin and such.