(This is one of those "about photography" topics with no natural home in the fora. I'm settling on this one because I guess it's more like philosophy than anything else.)

So I've been way behind on my postprocessing, due to being overtaken by life, and this weekend I finally got around to taking a good careful look at one of the rolls of 120 from a field trip in July 2011. To my amazement, *every* *frame* was a keeper---the first, and probably last, time that's ever happened to me. One shot has a camera-shake problem, but after consulting with my wife, who has a good eye, we decided that the compositional strengths overcame the technical weaknesses (she actually thinks it benefits from the blur; I think it would be stronger if it were sharper). None of them are *the* greatest photo ever taken, or anything, but there are a couple with which I'm quite happy, and the sudden fit of consistency kind of freaks me out. It's as if someone else, someone who actually knew what they were doing, took over my hands that afternoon!

If I did anything to get myself in the zone, it was just a day of driving around in the desert summer and taking pictures. The location was pretty good, but no better than plenty of others; I didn't meditate or fast or anything like that; on everything else I shot that day I had a good but not exceptional "hit" rate.

Unfortunately I don't have an enlarger, so my MF workflow isn't full-analog---hence I'm not going to upload to the gallery or anything like that. But the negative scans (processed for cropping, contrast, and spotting only) are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ntenny/...7635349631949/. I sort of wanted to toot my own horn, I guess, but also to hear any thoughts others might have on this sort of event. I know nobody's figured out how to summon up the magic on cue, but how do you "gently encourage" this kind of visit from the Consistency Fairy?