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In my experience, this is one of the reasons for using film that a lot of people understand. When I say "you can leave the negatives in a shoebox for fifty years and then someone finds them in the attic and they're still good", that makes perfect sense to almost everybody (the exceptions are the ones with an excessive faith in cloud storage).

Pity about that C-41 exception---it's one of the reasons I don't shoot it much. I think I remember, though, PE saying that the longevity of modern C-41 materials was enormously improved; not to Kodachrome levels or anything, but enough to make a meaningful difference in terms of the transgenerational shoebox.

Agreed. The archival quality of film can be quite remarkable and to me is a nice "feature".

IIRC, Color negs have less longevity compared to E6 materials but is the difference quite pronounced? I recall a pnet discussion about it and Ron Andrews quoted more stability on E6 compared to C41. Something about different couplers mentioned.
RA4 paper is quoted between half a century to 200 years. There is still a huge volume of it used by photofinishing, perhaps will slowly improve is R&D is put on it.
Well processed B&W on Polyester base seems the ultimate thing, together with proper FB.

All will depend on storage, added to processing. Hot and Humid and it will be sooner gone.

As of digital I too don't trust it. I lost a couple of folders (probably misplaced) and mistrust it. Operator error but I am much more careful with the physical archiving way.