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"If you're taking photos in the rainforest, go when it's raining!"
I don't remember his name, but his LF transparencies inspired me to get out there in the wet weather. I take a lot more photos through the wet west coast weather. Summer is for swimming!
I really wish if i can go with LF as well, i will see if the baggage/luggage didn't exceed the allowed weight too much then i can include my LF gear too, i have it in an Aluminium bag which will keep my camera body safe, but the lens doesn't have any case yet, so maybe i will put it with my digital gear bag, at the end i have only 2 lenses, and i only have 4x5, those beautiful places deserve no less than 8x10, and i will not carry my digital MF which beats all my DSLRs in quality, so only DSLR with one rangefinder film MF and if there is room for weight then also LF.

If i carry any film gear then i will only buy films from there if i can find the shops easily selling films, and also i will go with labs processing there, i never trust the airports checking systems to harm the film either un-exposed or un-developed[exposed], so better buy them fresh or new or even expired stored nicely from the stores there and send them to labs when exposed then carry my processed film back home.

Wish me good luck to have it this year i hope.